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Amanda Clark-Rudolph freelace writer for hire
Amanda Clark-Rudolph Write On Freelancin
Who is Amanda Clark-Rudolph???

Hi there! I’m Amanda.


I started Write On Freelancing in 2018, right after the birth of my second son. I’m psyched that I found a flexible job where I can work around my family. From day one, this was the goal, and now I’m living the gig! 


I started writing for other company’s blogs then I began conducting/composing interviews for magazines. What’s cool about writing is, the more you do, the more efficient you become. Now I crank out quality interviews and blogs like it’s my business - because it is! 


Why hire me?


I’m uber obsessed with deadlines. Give me a reasonable date, and I’m on it. The word “late” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.


People like my stuff. I ghostwrote one post that just topped 14,000 views (That ain’t too shabby). Also, check out my testimonials on my homepage.


I communicate like a pro. Don’t take my word for it. One of my favorite clients, Classcraft, puts it in perspective, “Amanda’s always available.”


My family values extend to my business. I’m reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, as for my work ethic, I’m a mom of two boys under five, so that’s that!

Here is a list of some of my previous clients:


Education and Writing

Easy Bib

Citation Machine


The Writer’s Cooperative

MAQTOOB for Entrepreneurs

Spelling City


News Break




Best Version Media

Ocala’s Good Life

The Little Magazine

Marco LeRoc TV\

NewsBreak (If you are an Ocala local biz, click here)




Writer Mom

Mama Doctors

The Cynical Parent

Motherly Insights

Family Times

Bebe Clothes

Nguyen Expedition

Bonita Bluum


Modern Parent

The Good Men Project




Every Buck Counts 




Natural Dog


Believe it or not, I do more than interviewing and blogging. I have a beautiful, chaotic life full of children, circus acts, and LOTS of coffee.


Want to hear more?

Here are a few fun facts about me.

  • When I'm not freelance writing and slurping iced lattes at Starbucks, I'm loving and chasing around my three boys ages 2, 4, and 40 something, ha!

  • Soccer was my thing - for years. I dove up a storm at Southern Methodist University and was captain of the team my senior year.​

  • Call me quirky, I'm an INFJ personality type all the way.

  • I juggle rings, balls, pins, fire, okay, maybe not fire.

  • I spent 12+ years in the education field teaching outdoor education, American History, and who would have thought? English.


Work with me, and I'll tell you another entertaining story!


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